23rd November 2019 | by hilo21

SDN Penetration Testing (PART1) : A Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up DELTA Framework

This is a detailed step-by-step guide for setting up DELTA Framework for SDN security evaluation purposes.

17th February 2020 | by hilo21

Threat Hunting Lab (Part I): Setting up Elastic Stack 7.2.1

In this tutorial series I will show you how to setup how simple virtual environment LAB for testing and studying attacks TTPs.

14th January 2020 | by hilo21

Protected: CTF : oBfsC4t10n [HackTheBox]

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

5th December 2019 | by hilo21

SDN Penetration Testing (PART 3) : Flow-Rule Flooding Attack Using DELTA

The key concept of SDN lies in the decoupling of the data plane and the control plane. In SDN, the switches are free from rigid routing computation and can be focused on packet forwarding.

4th December 2019 | by hilo21

SDN Penetration Testing (PART2) : Setting up the attack scenario

One of the major benefits of SDN environnements is control logic centralization and network programmability which create new threats that did not exist before